Still Life / Objects

Panier by Anne Setlakwe
40 Ford by Gregory Collins
Dispensed With by Anna Capaldi
Burger's Farm 1 by Herminio Alberti
Fort Totten 6752 by Bob Neiman
Carousel Portrait #7 by Bob Ashley
Tombstones by Bob Bader
Ghostly Entrance by Tara P. Zehnder
Amish Bicycles by Elizabeth Milward
Park by the Fence by Laurits Haaning
Joinery III by Raymond Charrette
Cannon Building by Lynn Fundingsland
End of the Line by Larry Blackwood
Talking Heads by Gary Schatan
Sixtonturbo by Jane Spencer
Band Saw Closeup by Megan Ralph
Tears of Baghdad by Martin Olsen
Chair by Kathleen Nathan
ScriptS by David E. Wensel
Salton Sea 188 by Jim Shoemaker
Window Seat #7 by Tom Key
Teacher's Pet by Susan Annable
B-52 by Bill Sinkovich
Silence by Clint Smithers
Equipment by Joan M. Ladendorf
Bullet by Sunkyong Hahm
Imprison Myself 012 by Jungwon You
Portals Image 14 by Leslie Inman
Missing People by Eduardo Bermudez
Impala by Ron Discipulo
Beached by Errick L. Cameron
Cuba Cars # 10 by Scott Clarke
How Like a God (New Chapter JW) by William Batsford
Fuel Oil Corp by Kirk Allen