Still Life / Objects

Old Chair by Ari Plosker
Railroad Car 4 by Jim Johnson
The Eternal #6 by Pavlos Karalis
Watch Parts by Barbara Hazen
The Angel and the Pots by Allan R. Lamb
Approaching Storm by Emanuel Dale
Himalayan Tea by Joel Addams
Crow Feather by Michael A. McCullough
Butler Bothers 2 by Daniel Ruf
Marked Down by Jack Weingarten
Bricks by David Kosiur
A Masked Life 4 by Diane Silverman
In the Storm by Mitford A. Fontaine
Spring Thaw by Kathryn Walczyk
Untitled 5 by Liane M. Budden
Chaise Lounge by Darryl Dalton
Cemetery by Lee Patterson
Wiring Instructions by Lea Rutherford
Two Old Jaguars Awaiting Cosmetic Surgery by Marshall Gould
Ledbetter Foundry by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Seating for Two by Alan Wood
Steel Table with Tools by Diane Kreiter
Childish Abstraction 7 by Brian Harrington
Blinded by Alan Wood
Soares-Gomes by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Winter Harvest 1 by Jess H. Hardcastle
'58 Olds by Felix Michael Mosca
Park at Dark by Terry Riciano
Ground Zero Blues Club by John F. Doyle
Tombstone Ticker by Norman Press
Flowers for the Dead - Cemetery by Cris Sandoval
Solemn Symmetry by Jon A. Soliday
Night view with castle by Dora Lutz
Grave 1 by Allan R. Lamb