Still Life / Objects

The Sentry by Walter Lesus
Tables and Chairs by Jim Berry
Shell by Mary Woodman
Calmness by Noe Cosme
Farmhouse I by Keith Blandford
The Dentist Chair by Charles Robinson
As Is 46 by Dana M. Davis
Potter's Hands 5 by Al Sugerman
Loader by RW Hawkins
Twisted by Lance Key
Pond by Richard Allen Ashmore
Electric by Jerry Berry
Clean Air Program by Doug Bisson
Shadow of the Object by Lee Grossman
Four Harleys by Tony French
Spring Blossoms by Mike Wonser
Prairie Folks #89 by Gary Shallcross
Womb by Marc Sheridan
Mannequin 10 by Aaron Michael Piccolo
Untitled 103 by Derek Tyrone McClure
Face of Copernicus by John Diephouse
Untitled 9 by Li Sun
Airstream by Bob Trancho
Dory Shop by Allen D. Crooks
Untitled 10 by Carly Petrie
Paradise by Silvia Pangaro
Divine Suffering by Barbara Boatright
Bowls by Paul Crampton
Church Entrance by Suzanne Schwartzmann
Interior by Patricia Sweeney
Past Present Future by Julie Meridian
Abandoned Shack 1 by Nathan Caplan
Cool Steel 12 by Allan R. Lamb
Untitled by Marj Green