Still Life / Objects

Eternally Entombed by Leann Chaney
DC 3 by Jan Pedersen
A Table by the Window by Margaret Ziede
Grain Elevator by Steven J. Epstein
Driftwood by Frank Brueske
Turbine by Don Jacobson
Nostalgia by Ken Lorenz
Isla Pardito Trinity by Lau Haaning
Benches by Deborah Mickler
Solar Soldier by Tom Green
Recluse by Judi Richins
Valves by Mark Raymond Mason
Birth of a Ship 7 by Nenad Saljic
Drain by Lemore Zausner
From My Office Window by Vladimir Kabelik
Portrait of the Old Machines 7 by Thomas Kung
Pier Point by Gautam Jaggi
Bucket by Tom and Marj Green
Bone Yard by Rudolph De Ram
Out of Service by Susan Annable
Live Free by Ron Hugo
Listening by Rajan Varadan
End of the Season by Susan Annable
Vienna Water Tower by Len Blau
Walking Dream (9) by HeyRyung Kim
Divine Receipt by R Kent Reyes
Macro Peppers by Herminio Alberti
Inside a hut.Valley Forge.2012 by Jeffrey S. Oates
Angels and Saints  1 by Jack Curran
Snow & Fence by Leonard Volk
Master Carver by Julie Solberg
Space Doll by Ann McGriffin
Strawberry Creek Bison by Sandy Olson
Light by Joseph Michael Pizzuto