Still Life / Objects

Shell Moon by Mary Woodman
Monster in the Closet by Stanley Olivera
Antiquitus - The Doll by Larry Ikon
Untitled 4 by Dennis Fritsche
Christ on the Rain by Marco Diniz
Woolsington 6 by Jack Delmonte
Dune by Kazimierz Salwa
Saddle by Carolyn Cogan
Crossbuck 1 by Peter J Pelker II
Mannequin #2 by Tom Key
Cooler by Justin H. Goodstein-Aue
Bicycles by Sandra Banister
My Life - The Final Chapter by Peter Ingrasselino
We'll Swing In Spring by Holly Baumann Ambuehl
'64 Chevy by Felix Michael Mosca
Ford Tough 5 by Craig Acord
Ranchos Church by Steve Burkett
Under Blades Of Grass by Bret Culp
Bunk House by Edward Sherline
Car Wreck 2 by Bjorn Bjornson
Tuscany by Charles Allen Haynes
Box Pews 1 by Paul Winwright
Untitled 6 by Carly Petrie
Brownie by McGinnis Leathers
Night Train by Natalie Morawsky
Relocated Cemetery by Lorne Wolk
Fragments of Hope by Terri Smith-Roach
Car and Wall Reflection by Robert Hecht
Morte de Uma Salina by Italo Caldas
By Hook and Passage by William Gleeson
The Corner by Laurits Haaning
Hamilton Building by Paul Roelofs
The Universe by Benedetto James Patrizio
Sue Gathering Scrap by Larry E. Jones