Still Life / Objects

Stone Angel by Kim A. Holz
Library by Patricia Galagan
Element 7 by Allan R. Lamb
Night Flying by Tom Green
Pontiac Interior by Derrick Pierce
Sunglasses in the Dark by Jerry Whitty
Chapel Shoes by Elizabeth Rand
Birdbath Faeiries by Ann McGriffin
Handsup Creature by Stanley Olivera
Y Hopper by Tom and Marj Green
Hagley Works Machine Shop by Howard Nepo
Bottle by Dan Richard Barber
Mannequins by Paolo Salcido
M Tafoya Jar by Bill Davenport
On Looking by Kathleen Nathan
Gray Windows by Jack Curran
Long Winter 1 by Stone Peng
Church bells by Ian Shand
Lost Slipper by Lauren R. Linehan
Child of the Earth by Ernesto Beall
Untitled 1 by Paul Lewis
The Bulb by Chuck Robinson
Almost There by Edward Ries
Tires For Sale by Allan R. Lamb
Evening Bench by Ray Tatyrek
Cars 08 by Silvestre Machado
Untitled 12 by George Messaritakis
Patio by Sorin Costache
Bici #7 by Veronica G. Cardenas
Untitled 8 by David Bardes
Untitled 12 by Philip A. Dente
Steel Wheel by Jason Lucey
01 Weathered Door by Niobe Burden
The Committee by Edward Ries